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Dav's T Minus N.
Dav=Antivirus where as Dev=infected with evil
Dav's T is representative of the Rock who is Jesus Christ.
Anyone who claims Rock But Dose Not Exalt Jesus Christ
Is of the DEV'S T and are infected with evil.
Do Bow Before the Rock.
He who falls on the Rock will be broken to Pieces. (Or Humble)
He upon whom the Rock Falls will be Crushed (Prideful Ambition will be Destroyed)
The Devils Trinity is The Dragon, The False Prophet and the Anti-Christ.
Donot Bow Before the DEV'S T
If you are infected with evil
You must Pray Jesus into your heart.
Like this "Jesus I know I am a horrible wretched evil sinner,
Please come into my heart, mind and soul,
So I might live in heaven for eternity.
I renounce my wicked ways
And I will Follow You King Jesus Christ of Nazareth
To the Ends of the Universe to do your will if necessary.
And I will obey the Pope Amen.
I Directly OPPOSE of the Strip Club
Cetro St. Peteersburg FL.
Advance Token to wining a World Series,
If you can figure out how to get,
"Green Spiders--!NO!Means!No!--UR-Call,

-------Know Your Laws and Attitude!!

Exodus 20. Deuteronomy 5. Mathew 5. Hebrews 11.

Figure Ativley: Moses Arron Stand with a Snake aka ViperJack

In the Best Faith I have which I would guess felt like walking on water.

You Are NOT to keep a record of Wrongs.
I say Religion Over Faith X Ethnicity..
Yours Truly JasoBee
Ps Mom may Be right On Due Date, But I prefer Dada Switch.
Christ is God

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