Track hAkEy -D Freq: 3780SF

Dev's T Minus N.

I Directly OPPOSE of the Strip Club Cetro St. Peteersburg FL. Wake ye Sinfully Imoral People

Advance Token to wining a World Series,
If you can figure out how to get,
"Green Spiders--!NO!Means!No!--UR-Call,

------------------------Know Your Laws and Attitude!!

Exodus 20. Deuteronomy 5. Mathew 5. Hebrews 11.

Figure Ativley: Moses Stand with a Snake aka ViperJack
Warnning all of Brain Wash, with a triple warning
On 6 Teriorist and a MOckery Being Taunghted By the Fearsome 4.
On a Febuary 1, 2003 Date where the Buccanears Win and Nasa Looses.
MciBaD on Minus One New World Explorer 2 Be thought of AS Noel25.

In the Best Faith I have which I would guess felt like walking on water.

You Are NOT to keep a record of Wrongs.
Marked- For a -Mascott- Over Land HO Over AS If I were hear to fight the "Force" all divided by "Un-Tought" Over "Yes I was Wrong, But, that what was I wrong about, That oneday somehow the world would care. And though the world may not I know the Spirit of God Dose" I can break it down from there in any patt3ern.
Big E.. Emanuel+MV!II!DL Is how it scrambled in
I say Relegion Over Faith X Ethnicity..
Check the Mouth Mechanics
Yours Truly JasoBee
Ps Mom may Be right On Due Date, But I prefer Dada Switch.
The Lord Rebuke The Bad Number All Behind comclean lest god makes it your grave...
Jesus Is Lord "Of My life"
Btw No Rules Means No Love According to Gods Ten Commands
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